Pimp it up

Pimp it up

Slot machine test: pimp it up

This slot game is not for the squeamish, because it is high. In "Pimp it up" gas is given and everything can go, is to be found here. Ideal conditions rotate neatly to the rollers. And why not, because the mercury online slot has a few good arguments that can make worth a closer look. The theoretical payout percentage according to the manufacturer is 96.00% and thus makes life is basically good. Try out you can, for free or for real money, also at Sunmaker Casino.

The slot is equipped not only with wild symbols, because there is also a scatter motif and which provides the same feature, where you can get very high chances of winning. If you got fancy on a round, you can go directly to "Pimp it up" and get started.

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The way is the goal

pragmatically speaking, because there is not a big jackpot in "Pimp it up". Again for smaller and larger and profits that can fill your account. Of course, do a good amount of luck includes in addition to some calculus in the usage. However, the chances are not bad, since the slot with special features. Basically it comes but once you collect rows with the same symbols. This order must be on the line.

Has a total of "Pimp it up" five paylines, each going from left to right. This also means that a winning line always on the left reel must begin and also must not be interrupted by a different motive. The man and the woman make the exceptions the wild symbols, in this case. You have the task of Jokers, that series can be supplemented or even extended. In addition, the wilds also sure that added some times just to the highest line profit is increased.

The symbols basic framework in the slot game pimp it up

The characters that you know from the playing cards, form the backbone of the "Pimp it up" symbols. Accordingly much they are worth. But the advantage is that you will restore at least the usage in "Pimp it up", even if a series of three or even two same symbols should be.

With the vehicles you're already neater profits. The advantage for car, truck and taxi is not only that the upper profits extremely inviting, but also that two symbols is sufficient to throw off income.

Range for the two fields "Pimp it up" - symbol that a thousand-fold of the Insert as profit drops in a row with five identical fields.

Like you'll see women, too, because they can unlock the scatter feature. If ever a woman on the first and last reel, a symbol is drawn, which is then spread on these two roles. Then, the Middle three rollers be turned once again. Should here the symbol also appear, used the roller completely of.

Slot machines instructions by pimp it up

If you want to taste only once, you can do that at Sunmaker Casino even without registration. But there are of course only real right profits. Directly in the paytable, you can see how your current usage would affect the potential profits. You can change the usage accordingly, the five winning lines remain the same always. The auto-start mode ensures that the rollers for each round will be started automatically.

With a round winning it should not be but yet to end. Then you have the two risk options. The card to the other the risk of head of for one. In both cases, you can increase your winnings with luck or completely lose even with bad luck. For smaller rounds WINS almost always preferable.

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